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Molėtai District Municipality is located in the east of Lithuania, in Utena County.

Administrative centre – Molėtai town.

Area – 136 682,05 ha.

Population – 16 762 (2023 year data).

Elderships – Alanta, Balninkai, Čiulėnai, Dubingiai, Giedraičiai, Inturkė, Joniškis, Luokesa, Mindūnai, Suginčiai, Videniškiai.

Distance to capital Vilnius  - 63 km.

Distance to the main airports – Vilnius International Airport (67 km), Kaunas International Airport  (91 km).

Moletai is recreational region and attracts tourists with its beautiful nature.  Water resources cover an area of 12750,77 hectares. The following rivers flow across the territory of the district – the Virinta, the Siesartis, the Alanta, the Grabuosta, the  Pusnė, the Vastapa. There are about 300 lakes, the biggest are Asveja, Stirniai, Baltieji Lakajai, Galuonai, Kertuojai, Siesartis. The district is situated besides Labanoras Regional park and has the first and the only Museum of Ethnocosmology in the world which represents relationship of a man and mankind with the Cosmic World.  It‘s also good to mention that Moletai town lies in a good geographical position which plays a major role in connection with other biggest Lithuanian cities such as Utena (30 km), Vilnius (63 km), Kaunas (103 km). Therefore, in all seasons Moletai town is loved by local and international tourists to enjoy events, the culinary offers, and nearby special natural features.

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